Phandelver and beyond

Backstory and Recap

The Story so far…

In a tavern in Neverwinter three unsuspecting adventurers are about to embark on a journey that will forever alter the course of their lives…

Having recently left the safety of Candlekeep, Gorstag Dundragon is making his way towards the bastion of civilisation the is Neverwinter. His journey has been long but his determination steels his resolve. Under his tattered cloak his clutches his most prized possession and silently renews his vow.

As the cart his has been hitching a ride on reaches the city limits, Gorstag jumps off and bids the driver farewell. He enters into the city and makes his way to find some lodging and inquire about the knowledge that he seeks.

Meanwhile inside the city life has been tough for Van, her promising career in bounty hunting, her latest endevour is not taking off as well as she would have liked. Fortunatly she has so far managed to scrape enough gold together to keep her off the streets, that is if being a regular and passing out in the local taverns doesnt wear out its welcome.

Elsewhere Mayla has been treking almost aimlessly from village to town to hamlet. Her journey has taken her far and wide. With her rather sheltered upbringing from living in a small village away from main centres of civilisation the wide world has been quite a social minefield for her. She is however roslute and focused she has a purpose and she will not fail at any cost.

Gorstag has been in the city for a couple of weeks and has been working his way through all the librarys, magic shops and temples in search of some rare tome. Recently he learned of a restricted knowledge section in a local house of knowledge. Unable to gain permission however he resorted to trying to sneak in..tossed out and barred from returning Gorstag stumbled into the nearest Tavern.

He always liked the Fallen Tower being a man of magic himself he found wonder in seeing the images of mages frozen in the air around him, locked in time and space by the residual magic field left by the last spell cast by Llomnauvel during the Spellplague. Ordering a drink he takes a seat at the bar next to a rather scratched, tired and tipsy looking elf.

Van had been chasing her quarry for hours. The target was fast, agile and knew the backstreets of Neverwinter almost as well as her. The target was to be apprehended alive else this would have been over in minutes. After dropping off her bounty back to their owner Van nurses the scratch marks on her hands and arms, takes her small bag of coins and heads right into the Fallen Tower orders some drinks. She barely notices when a tall crestfallen wizard takes up a seat next to her.

Soon after another elf with dark hair walks into the bar looking rather road weary. She orders a large wine and goes and sits at the far side of the bar.

After a short while a stout dwarf walks into the bar and annouces that he requires a party of adventurers to help transport some goods. There is a general muttering from most of the patrons in the bar…“there is some coin in it for any vaulenteers” shouts the dwarf looking around again.

Van, Gorstag and Mayla all catch his attention and agree to the contract. The Dwarf is called Gundren Rockseeker and he assures then that payment of 10 Gold each will be waiting for them at Barthan’s Provisions in Phandalin. He himself must set out urgently with his friend and bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter to attend some urgent business that has come up. And with that he leaves the tavern, and rides swiftly south.

Having all just agreed to work the same job the three unlikly partners have a few drinks and get to know one another. Having spent most of the evening drinking Van procedes to pass out at the table. Mayla decides that she will get herself a room, however her travels and evening of drinking lead her to decide that full price is beyond her means. Gorstag bids goodnight and walks out of the tavern making it all the way to the adjacent alley and falls asleep there.

After talking to the barkeeper Mayla agrees to collecting some glasses and clearing out what she is told is “a couple of rats in the cellar”. While there were decidedly more rats than glasses to collect she dispached them swiftly. Upon recieving her room she decides that she shouldnt leave Van to be turfed out onto the street and drags her up to the room with her.

The next morning they all assemble outside the Tavern trying to work out exactly what they all agreed to the night before. After the haze of the hangovers wears off the locate the cart and head into the market to pick up a few supplies+ wine for Mayla.

Mayla interrogates a young man about dark mists that kill people…he leaves in a hurry rather scared without being able to give her any information.Feels bad about her actions they stop a ways outside of town where she freshens up at a small pond.

Travel down the High Road is uneventful and Van spends most of the time asleep in the back of the cart while Gorstag keeps Mayla company. After a couple of days on the High Road they turn off onto the Triboar Trail.

Soon after starting along the trail they spot two dead horses in the road. Pulling the cart up everyone goes into a state of alert. As they approach the horses arrows suddenly fly out of the surrounding bushes.


Four goblins try to ambush the party.

Van kills one goblin with her longbow (50 xp)

Mayla follows suit likewise. (50 xp)

Gorstag incinerates another in a ball of green flames. (50 xp)

The last goblin ran for his life vanishing into the bushes.

Inspecting the area. Gorstag and Mayla find very little. Van finds a recently used trail heading north with recent drag marks. While Mayla collects 2 days worth of meat from the horses.

Van remembers that the horses may be that of their employer and his bodyguard. Deciding to make sure that the provisions reach the destination they continue along to Phandalin.

Arriving at Phandalin without further interuption they ask a passerby where Barthan’s is. Entering the the store and are greeted by Barthan. After introducing themselves and explaining why they are there Barthan hands over the 10 gold each. (100 xp each) and inquires about the wellbeing of Gundren Rockseeker.

Having been told of the ambush he emplores the group to go find him if they can, after haggling for some lodgings for the night they agree. Mayla invites Barthan for a drink at the tavern later, while Gorstag goes into town to find the Townhall and hopefully some news on magical items or tomes.

In the townhall he discovers Harbin Wester. He learns that there is not much magical trade in Phandalin anymore. While there he picks up a Job for clearing an orc menace at Wyvern Tor…for 75 gold..more if done quickly.

During this time Van asked the local townspeople about Barthan..basically hes a good guy…(poor roll)

Gorstag has a wander around the town and discovers a local shrine to a goddess of luck, it is being tended by a Sister Garelle, She offers to prey to the Goddess for luck in their ventures if he will help rid the town of the thuggish Redbrands who are using the town as a base of opperations for their criminal activities.

After a peaceful evening in the Stonehill Tavern, Mayla escorts a drunken Barthan back to his house, and everyone gets their head down ready to head out to find out what happened to Gundren and Sildar.

Upon leaving the Tavern the next morning they become aware of a group of ruffians in scarlet cloaks watching them. As they turn to leave one of the ruffians shouts out some insults and suggests that the party leave town and not come back. Mayla not one to take abuse taunts them back.

Pretty soon the Redbrand Ruffians are heading towards the Stonehill Tavern looking for a fight.

5 Ruffians bear down on the group just outside the Tavern. Van, Mayla and gorstag manage to get off a few shots and spells before they close the gap fully. The Ruffians hit hard and fast from close range. not an ideal situation for the group. However through focusing their attacks they manage to down some of their foes. Unforunatly in the process Van is seriously injured and falls unconcious. Gorstag also is knocked unconcious but its not serious and he comes to just in time to see Mayla taking aim on a ruffian running back towards his hideout up the street. Releasing her arrow it ricochets off a decorative shield on the wall of the building hitting the last enemy in the back of the neck.

With sudden realisation of how critical Van’s condition is they both run to her side and begin administering first aid. The pair see the life leaving her body and look on hopelessly. Suddenly the owner of the tavern pushes them aside and pours a thick almost perlecent liquid into her mouth and onto some of the wounds. Magically the wounds begin to heal and colour returns to her face. Standing weakly she laughs the near death off. Everyone heads inside bringing the bodies in out of the street to avoid any more trouble. They takesome time to have a meal and rest while they plan what to do with the bodies.

Later the evening Mayla heads to Barthan’s who looks a little worst for wear after the previous night. After accidentally mentioning the bodies she covers it up telling him it must have been a dream she had. She manages to get Barthan to agree to lending them his cart while they search for Gundren. It will be ready later that evening.

Gorstag goes and orders himself a staff to be carved at the woodworks hoping to get it enchanted at some point in the future.

After collecting the cart they smuggle the bodies into it with a few bags of supplies and ride out of town in the dark. Making their way along they think about hiding the bodies in a nearby ditch, but then agree that hiding them at the ambush site would make it look more like an ambush gone wrong.

At the ambush site they dispose of the bodies and locate the trail to the north. Following it the Elves manage to stop Gorstag walking right into a snare trap. and Mayla just avoids a pitfall trap.

Following the track further the group came upon a cave with a stream running out of the mouth. As Mayla tries to cross the stream two crossbow bolts fly out of the thicket on the other side and one lodges in her left arm. The team dispactch the two goblins that were hiding in the thicket obviously standing guard and proceed into the cave.

In the first chamber they discover a pack of wolves chained to a spike stuck in the rock. Mayla gives Van some horse meat and with her knowldge of animals Van calms the wolves down. She then casts animal friendship on the alpha wolf. Onse set free the other two run out of the cave however the alpha stays close to Van and follows her.

Further in the cave Mayla spots a goblin standing on a bridge. With one well placed arrow he falls the the floor below lifeless. Pressing on the cave is dark and scary. Talking stock of the situation the group decise that they should head back to the first area of the cave and get some rest before venturing on.

Gorstag sets up an alarm spell at the entrance and Alphie (wolf) stands guard while they get some rest.

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