Within this tome you shall find information pertaining to the world, characters, and quests that populate our little corner of the Forgotten Realms.

Your journey began in Neverwinter, the jewel of the north. From here you ventured down the High Road, and along the Triboar Trail. Eventually arriving in the town of Phandalin.

You have met many people on your journey so far, and there are more in your futures. From your patron the currently missing Gundren Rockseeker, his body guard and companion Sildar Hallwinter and of course Barthen.

You have completed and aquired a few quests promising adventure, reward and answers.

And of course we all have a few secrets…

Now go and explore and let this place become a repository of all that you learn.

Good look..you may just need it….

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Phandelver and beyond

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